How my client landed her dream job and doubled her income

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“[Nadia] crafted thoughtful and pointed questions and content that ultimately led attendees to feel more on the same page as a community and exercise their leadership in a more tailored and authentic way. We're already seeing amazing returns from their sessions with huge gains in attendees feeling like they are finally working toward a shared vision and purpose.”

- Amie Ninh, Racial Equity Strategist at Google

Nadia’s workshop, “Get Clarity” was absolutely amazing. She has the ability to completely shift your mindset with a few practices, like visualization and reflection. Her powerful presence inspires us all. She makes us realize that anything we want is possible. Her generosity is boundless and most importantly, she sincerely cares. Nadia’s passion is so tangible, and she is a true gem - not only is she able to guide you at a high level, her attention to detail is meticulous, helping you every step of the way.
— Brenda Chen, Senior Associate, Business Development at Conventus Holdings Corps. | Get Clarity Workshop
“Before working with Nadia, I struggled with being stuck in a very toxic place in my life and not being able to remove myself from the situations that put me there. I knew I wanted to move on with my career and seek out a more fulfilling role that allowed me more growth. In my personal life, I wanted to work through some bad habits and knee jerk reactions that contributed to a lot of counterproductivity and self-doubt.

Working with Nadia helped me navigate through the noise and the feelings that were packaged in my day-to-day life, uncovering strengths and self-truths that were hiding underneath it all. Nadia has helped me give myself the time and space to work through some pretty complex personality traits, both good and bad. Her coaching has also allowed me to identify my core values and non-negotiables in both my personal and professional life.

I ventured into coaching with Nadia to figure out how to break out of my status quo and take the next steps in both career and personal growth that always seemed to intimidate me. Since then, I’ve stepped into a leadership role in a new company and can say that I’ve taken small, deliberate steps towards personal growth.

With her gentle but truthful guidance, I was able to regain the authenticity, confidence, and ability to identify which strengths I already own to lean on during the time I need to. I’ll carry these skills with me as I go through the motions of every day. Thank you for all that and more, Nadia!”
— K.C. | San Francisco, CA
“I wanted to find some comfort with work/life stress - in our day and age, it’s rather impossible to avoid it. Nadia and I focused on relationship management, which I identified as a major source of my professional stress. I knew I could share my opinions and feelings with her without fear of judgement, and I trusted and appreciated her opinion.

With Nadia, I was able to really discover and uncover what matters deeply to me about my relationships at work. She helped me identify the things about myself that were important, and even more powerfully, she helped me change the way I think about and approach situations in a way that aligns with what really matters to me.

These changes to my perspective have fundamentally changed the way I approach my professional relationships and my professional stressors, and has even impacted the way I handle my personal relationships too. I use the tools she gave me every day, and I’ll forever be grateful for her coaching and effort.”
— A.G. | Pleasant Hill, CA
“I made the leap to work with Nadia as I was having difficulty maneuvering through life, was very reactive with family and friends and had no self awareness. I was a wreck. The only way I can describe it was the “fog!” and I wanted to be aware and alert! I chose her because she is a woman with beliefs similar to mine, and I believe she understands.

Working with Nadia has been eye opening. I am satisfied with her because she listened, put herself in my shoes to provide me with what I needed to get myself thru the chaos I was going thru. She walks thru the “fog” and assists me with finding the light, so to speak. She is honest, gentle, yet she gives me the nudge I need to see myself out of difficult and uncomfortable situations. I still struggle, however, Nadia has given me tools to help me gain clarity and awareness.

Most importantly, I am extremely pleased with the environment Nadia helped me to create for myself. I am more powerful because I am aware of myself and able to recognize what I am feeling.  Thru my work with Nadia, I am more in control of my anger and reactiveness which were my biggest challenges.  Control is power! I recommend everyone have a consultation with Nadia.”
— B.R. | San Francisco, CA
“The progress I have made with Nadia since our coaching relationship began has been impactful, to say the least. Her insight, natural ability to navigate an array of challenges, and her genuine empathic nature lend to a powerful combination of coaching attributes. Without her the progress of my self-growth and personal triumphs would be nowhere near as successful. In tough moments I find myself referring to some of the tools I’ve learned in our sessions. And in the joyous moments I am more apt to celebrate myself and my accomplishments. Both are instances that I have struggled with dealing with on my own accord.

I have already recommended Nadia to a handful of my closest friends and undoubtedly recommend her to anyone seeking forward, positive momentum in their life’s trajectory. Working with her has been the best investment I have made in myself in far too long.” 
— L.A. | Healdsburg, CA
“I had long thought about working with a coach before I started working with Nadia. I didn’t really know what to expect but I knew I wanted to focus on various aspects of my life and needed help with it. We talk about family matters, work, personal relationships and other things. It’s not always about a problem to be fixed, I am not seeking for perfection, but the understanding that I want to continue to evolve and progress as a person. Sometimes I struggle with changes, especially if they are not going the direction I had predicted. Nadia does a great job in reading between the lines and guiding through this process.

After working with Nadia, I am more authentic and able to choose quicker what serves me and what needs to be removed from my life. I feel that I am much more self aware of my behavior, actions and how I handle life in general. The challenges don’t stop coming, but I feel that I have better tools to manage them without stressing myself out as much as I did in the past.”
— T.M. | Los Angeles, CA
“Nadia’s ability to connect over the phone as if we were in the same space and her ease at establishing an immediate sense of trust, priceless. Because of this, my initial “guard” at that top of our coaching session quickly went away. (Yes, I admit it - I was a bit guarded.) By the end of our coaching call, I had an unexpected feeling of playfulness and joy, so much so that my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. 

Nadia helped me untangle a specific mental and intellectual barrier about a professional endeavor. How? I feel she really cares, never responds in a formulaic way, and incorporates her own creative energy as part of our dialogue. All this, combined with her truly hanging on to every word I said - her superpower of listening is amazing. 

Still reading this? Awesome! Experience coaching with Nadia for yourself. And to Nadia - thank you so much for choosing to be a coach with many superpowers!”
— S.R. | Union City, CA
I had one coaching call with Nadia, and in that session she helped me clarify my goals, uncover reasons behind mental blockages, and really, truly allowed me to see myself as the leader that I already am, but often deny myself of being. Nadia keeps it real, ya’ll, and does so in a friendly, nonjudgmental way. I felt like I’d been talking to someone that I’ve known for a while because it was safe enough to get really vulnerable. I constantly struggle with a scattered brain and self-doubt, and just after one session I already feel empowered to step forward in the direction I know was meant for me. Nadia’s coaching session will stick with me for a while.
— A.P. | Oakland, CA
“This review comes fresh from a session with Nadia. I can’t express enough how powerful our conversation was. She made me feel comfortable from the very first moment and guided me in unpacking some issues that were creating blockages in my business. More than anything, she created a safe space that allowed me to be open and vulnerable and left me with some tangible tools to move forward. For anyone that is looking to dive deep and get in touch with your deepest strongest self, I promise you this experience is worth it!”
— L.G. | Cerritos, CA
“My conversation with Nadia helped me clarify my needs in relationship. Got some clarity on what I needed to do to move forward being straightforward, taking care of myself (being kind to me!) and asking what I needed to ask. I’m grateful I made an appointment with Nadia and would definitely recommend you do the same if anything she says about her work resonates with you. She’s the best!”
— J.N. | San Francisco, CA