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Group Coaching with Nadia De Ala & other incredible Women of Color


You CAN be your authentic self and get the relationships, roles and pay that you want in your career—and you don’t have to do it alone.

Join us in sisterhood of powerful WOCs to massively increase your confidence, influence and salary and continue to honor your core values! Badass WOC Negotiators can support you in achieving your dream lifestyle.


Enrollment for Our January ‘20 Cohort begins november 11th. schedule an interest chat with nadia if you would like to be a part of the next badass group.

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Private Coaching with Nadia De Ala


Are you ready to get laser focused on what needs to shift for you to up-level your leadership and career trajectory? You’re here because you want transformation, so you can finally make the creative, free and energetic lifestyle you really want.

This 6-month program is customized to meet you where you’re at in your leadership journey. We’ll evaluate your strategy, mindset and leadership, and align them with your vision of success to create a clear roadmap that gets you there.