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Leadership & Negotiation Coach for Women of Color

I help WOCs become women of power.

You’re here because what you’re doing isn’t working. You’ve played it safe and small for so long to avoid a shitty stereotype, to survive and get to the level of success you’re at. And, you know it’s not enough.

You fell into stagnancy. You’re tired of not speaking your truth. You’re damn tired of being underpaid and undervalued. And, you know deep down inside you’re not living up to your full potential and making the real impact you want to make in your one life.

I see you, Sis. I’ll help you up-level your influence, relationships and money, and become the badass leader that you’re meant to be.

Are you ready to change your MF-ing life? Great. You’re ready to work with me.


I ventured into coaching with Nadia to figure out how to break out of my status quo and take the next steps in both career and personal growth that always seemed to intimidate me. Since then, I’ve stepped into a leadership role in a new company and can say that I’ve taken deliberate steps towards personal growth.
— K.C. | San Francisco, CA


Get more money and respect.

Own your value and worth.

Be an influencer and create impact everywhere you go.

Become more authentic and activate your voice.

Stop giving fucks and your power away.

Feel excited about work again.

Stop selling your soul for security.

Start choosing to live in alignment with your values and purpose, instead of fear and despair.

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