Here’s the ugly truth:


Women of Color continue to be underrepresented in every level of business. Even if we face greater challenges, we receive the least amount of support to succeed.


That’s why I’m dedicated to building solid support for brilliant, hardworking WOCs like you to…

  • Be your greatest and realest self at work.

  • Claim your value and go for the roles and the pay you deserve.

  • Achieve the influence and impact you want to make in your career.

  • Create the empowered and liberated life you want.


Grow into the badass leader only you can be!



  • Are one of the only WOC in a white, male dominated organization, and often feel like you’re walking a tightrope between being “on guard” and “on point” to succeed.

  • Want to confidently own your authentic voice, and have your boss and colleagues totally respect you, without the worry of experiencing cultural bias against you.

  • Work twice as hard and know your stuff, but don’t feel recognized, valued or supported because you don’t navigate the politics of your company well.

  • Sacrifice your needs and prioritize the comfort and needs of others in order to avoid conflict.

  • Opt out or lose out of leadership roles and greater opportunities, because the system isn’t created for Women of Color to succeed.

  • Are ambitious, ready to define success and live your one life on your own terms!

LEt me tell you,

You’re built for something greater and it’s time for you to get it!

I ventured into coaching with Nadia to figure out how to break out of my status quo and take the next steps in both career and personal growth that always seemed to intimidate me. Since then, I’ve stepped into a leadership role in a new company and can say that I’ve taken small, deliberate steps towards personal growth.
— K.C. | San Francisco, CA


HI, I’m Nadia!

I designed my coaching program to be a not-so-secret weapon of support, tools and resources for WOC professionals to grow into empowered leaders.



I see you. Working it over there. Doing an excellent job while overcoming the challenges you face as a WOC—you’re up against some real sh*t!

It blocks you from bringing your best self forward and staying passionate in your career.

I want you to know there’s nothing wrong with you! You have all you need to grow into the leader you want to be, and make the impact you want to make.

And, you don’t have to do it alone!

Are you ready to level up at work and fall in love with your life again?